Friday, July 22, 2005

The last "post"...

Ladies and gentlemen, Mohan the blogger is dead. The desire to write is no longer there.

Thank you for all your comments and thanks to all those who linked me in your blog.

"The time is gone, the song is over, thought I’d something more to say"

- TIME by Pink Floyd

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


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Got bored of writing the same stuff over and over again.

Decided on a temporary hiatus.

Dunno how long. Maybe days or weeks or even months. Can't really say!!!

Till then, will be reading (and commenting) on others'.


Saturday, June 25, 2005

Movie Review-Batman Begins

Batman Begins
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A more cerebral perspective, even if complex at certain points. Chances of getting confused with chronological events exist.

Christian Bale stars as the eponymous crusader and does a good job of being the suave Bruce Wayne while slightly modifying his dialogue delivery when enacting the haunted hero. Nice first movie to watch of his.

Katie Holmes looks pretty. That's it.

Christopher Nolan should be tried for giving side roles to not one, not two, not three, but four of the finest actors in Hollywood. Michael Caine (Alfred), Liam Neeson (as the self-proclaimed purgator Henri Ducard), Morgan Freeman (as the genius Lucius Fox) and Gary Oldman (Lieutenant Gordon). Of the three, only Henri Ducard has some decent lines ("To conquer fear, you must become fear yourself.")

The scene I liked the most was at the end, when Gordon requests Batman to capture a new criminal. Watch this scene and the significance will come through, especially with respect to the title. And I absolutely adored the new Batman emblem (see above).

Rating: ****

Friday, June 24, 2005

(Short) Short story-2

The ball rose like a scalded phoenix, spinning furiously and seemingly untouchable. The boy had absolutely no chance of touching the ball, let alone stopping it. He watched it sweep past the shoulders that had strained to block it. He tried to get his balance before he could time his jump but there was no time to hesitate. He leapt, without caring for the metal legs that now carried his ravaged body. He was at full stretch and his arms compensated for the lack of mobility in his lower limbs.

He felt his right palm make strong contact with the ball. And to his surprise, his palm resisted the ball's force in such a manner that it began to travel in a different direction. Towards safety. Towards freedom.

The ball did not cross the line.

The shouts of joy erupted from the players from both teams. They stumbled over one another as they ran to embrace him. The boy felt hot tears streaming down his cheeks.

Who won? The game or the crippled boy's invincible spirit?

Monday, June 20, 2005

Ever wondered why-Part 4

...women yak/nag/call-it-what-you-want so much?

Office Colleague 1 : " bol, when are you releasing the build to QC? Do I have to ask the manager for clarification? What did they say in the meeting? Why are there so many issues assigned to you? What are you doing about them? Tell me something..."

Please..let me "work"!!!

Mother (scenario 1) : "Why don't you apply for Infosys? The bus comes and picks you up at the end of the street. All your friends work there. It is suuuuch (said with so much longing that I almost feel guilty) a nice company!!!"

Guilt lasts for just a second..the standard reaction is to pounce on my mother and smother her with hugs and pecks. It always works. Wish I had a girlfriend to do that too!!!

Mother (scenario 2) : "You know, in 4-5 years time, let's get your sister married off to a wonderful guy and be happy about it."

Really?? Why not drive her out of the house right now? Why wait at all?

Friend 1 (at a restaurant) : "You are really not in the mood for communication, Mohan. Why are you so distracted?"

Ahh..ermm..uh-uh..heh va vooooommm!!!

Office colleague 2 (in the most annoyingly catty voice) : "You knowwww...I am not suuuure how to report thissss case. Can you help mmmme? I tried to checkkkk, you know. But I didn't know......Hee hee hee tee hee hee!!!"

Action stations! ACTIONS STATIONS!

Of course, not all are bad. Just thinking out loud!!!...:D

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Weekend (weakened?) buzz..


Company get-together. Amoeba. The usual speeches on company policies and performance standards. The lectures end at 12 noon-ish.

Lunch at 3 Quarter Chinese, one floor below. Delicious mughlai-style chicken and mutton dishes. Washed down with yummy fruit punch. Totally pigged out. MMMMMMMMM....

Back to Amoeba. Bowling. Two full hours. Full masti, full yaari. Even got a strike by throwing the ball between the legs, standing and facing in the direction opposite to the pins.


Morning dawned with the realization that today was the first in many Saturdays when I didn't have to go to office. Or was I wrong? Got 2 calls from office and after answering each with trepidation, learned (much to my relief) that they were just "status update" calls.

Things are getting better...

Met old gang after 3 weeks (long time considering that we've been together for 6 years now, through thick and thin, shit and slick). Planned for a movie and dinner.

Movie : Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Boring and an utter waste of 80 bucks. (Who's the idiot in the gang who insulted "Batman Begins" by calling it a kiddie movie?)


Class. 4 hours. Fighting sleep and trying to re-learn school Geometry is Mission Impossible. Oh well...ZZZZZZZZ!!!!

Late evening rendezvous are risky, especially in tea-oriented eateries. My tummy is groaning piteously, again. Shit...tomorrow is kick-in-the-ass at a time, please!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Newton's Law of Software Development

"Bugs can neither be created nor destroyed. They can only be converted from one form to another. The total number of bugs in a software remains constant."

Wonder what the great man would have said to this....